Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want to Grow taller than 3-4 inches in 45 days. Can I repeat the program?  


A: Yeah no Problem.. 3-4 Inches is just what most people can expect when starting the program…However as our Program Encourages you to have a second growth spurt you may Grow Taller than that…



Q: What happens if I encourage a second growth spurt and Start Growing taller than I wanted to be? 


A: Unfortunately Once you encourage a second growth spurt unless you want to put Extreme stress on your posture( which we don’t recommend) then you will have to accept how tall you become.



Q: Is Grow Taller for Dummies Safe? 


A: YES…Grow taller for dummies is 100% safe…The Only side effect you will Experience is getting Taller …



Q:I know I will have to dedicate 1 hr per day…5 times per week to this…what will I be doing for the other 2 days? 


A: As you may already know…Your body needs certain periods to rest after exercise. The rest is often considered to be as important as the Exercise itself. You will see huge benefits from having these 2 days off a week. However, to keep you in Good balance, you will still be required to do some light stretching on these 2 days.


Q: Don’t My Parents need to be Tall in order for me to be Tall…my genetics…?  


A: No not at all…There have been countless studies to Prove this…it is no phenomenon that Brothers and sisters with the same parents turn out all different heights…it lies mainly on how you nourish yourself as a person…you will notice that the Brother or Sister who Eats junk Food, gets little sleep and has an unhealthy lifestyle, tend to be shorter than the Brothers and Sisters who get proper nourishment, Good Sleep an enjoy a healthy lifestyle…so no, Genetics only play a small part in the determining the Height you will Grow to…  


Q: Will the Extra Growth Hormone have any effects on other Parts of the Body? 


A: Yes…Male Genitalia Has also been Known to Grow Bigger + Longer and Also females Breasts have also been Known to Grow Bigger also…In some cases 


Q: I Have Tried Things like this before… and got disheartened because they didn’t give me very positive…what makes yours different? 


A: Well…I have been in the same Position too…I can tell you for a fact that this program will work…Even if others have let you down…because I have tried and tested them all…I have used a combination of different techniques from a lot of different sources…that’s what makes the Grow Taller for dummies program unique…We have kept the Good Stuff that Works for Growing Taller and Thrown away the Junk…and that’s what makes it so effective… 


Q: What if I haven’t had any Growth Spurts yet? 


A: No Worries at all…this is the best time to Do our Program…as you will see the Greatest Results possible…not only will you Encourage a Great, long first Growth Spurt…but you will be conditioning yourself to receive a second Great Growth Spurt too…  


Q: I am a woman….will your Program work for me…?


A: Yes of course! Women Can also Encourage Second Growth Spurts! Even Though Women do Start the Growth process a little earlier…With our results we have found that Women Can Grow Just as Well as Males of the same origin and age… 



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