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1) Fast & Efficient 

This Program is the fastest and most efficient on the Market Extensive research has been done to make sure that you will Grow Taller using it. We believe that you should be Growing Taller in the best possible way.


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This Program is Specially Designed for ages 12-60 Naturally the Sooner you start the better results you will get.


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This Information is very unique and under the radar not many people know about this yet and know the potential of it By being on this website now you are a step ahead of anyone else who wants to Grow Taller


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We have found through years of research that one of the main reasons that people haven’t grown taller is that they are bombarded with useless information about the do’s/don’ts and whys And Not Given Information about Growing Taller in Bite size Chunks We think you should be given Pro-Active Exciting Solution to Growing Taller. That will also get you enthusiastic about getting to your peak height


6) Quality of Height Gained 

This Program is not intended to make you Taller just from your back and give you a Long Spine it is Designed to Give you an all over body Growth Spurt that Not only is More natural, but that Will keep you Looking in proportion with a permanent effect Without having to maintain the Height you have gained


7)100% Safe

Grow Taller For Dummies is one of the Most Safest Programs on the Internet Today! It is safe for everyone... regardless of your age or your fitness level!  


Dear Disappointed Height gainer,


Are you Tired of Buying and Reading e-Books on Growing Taller that just Keep telling you the same Old thing? Telling you, Why you perhaps haven’t Grown taller and not giving you solutions to Grow Taller.


Here, at Grow Taller for Dummies, we believe that Growing Taller should be simple, Easy to Follow and Get You Results


In our e-Book you Won't Find pages and pages on how many milligrams of Vitamin D you need to help you to Grow Taller... for Example:-


You are going to find a Ground Breaking illustrated e-book on the most pro active way you can Grow Taller within a repeated 7 day Program


We Won’t Give you pages of reasons why you may of not Grown taller


We believe that the Whole Reason why you are reading this site is because you are looking for a Proactive way to Grow Taller. and Not to look for reasons why you perhaps you have a short stature.


Hi My Name is

Dr Matthew Vern,










And For the Past 13 years I have been looking at Numerous ways to Grow Taller without the aid of Surgery, HGH pills / Injections, insole shoes, magic cocktails, Witches Spells, Subliminal Hypnosis etc


One thing that I have been really interested in is Growing taller with the whole body and not just in the spine


Basically ways of encouraging a Second Growth Spurt… 


If you are looking at Growing Taller just in the Spine then you are at the WRONG website


Height is most noticeable and permanent when it comes from a second Growth Spurt


With our New e-Book, Your Whole body will GrowThis includes Back, Neck, Legs, Arms, Hands and Feet.


Second Growth Spurts can vary from 1 inch up to 15 inches! And the great news is that there is no particular rule to determine how much you will be able to Grow for any particular age, gender or race.


There are of course, General rules that we have found and general patterns that occur in our program. In our Program we have found that with Most People, although there are exceptions, that when you use this Program, you can Grow 3-7 Inches in a 3-4 month period regardless of age, race or gender


Your Body/Height Will adapt to the Environment it is placed in if you place your body in the correct Environment with the correct nutrition, rest + sleep, stress on the body, then it will answer to the stress you put on it (survival of the fittest)


For Example When Scientists have Studied at Giraffes they found that the animal itself, was not so Tall at all In fact Years ago the Giraffe used to be a short creature(about 3ft) but through constant stress to Grow Taller to reach the High Branches for Food Giraffes have Evolved and are naturally now over 30ft tall that’s 10 times it’s original height which is a 900% increase You are probably looking to grow just 3-6 inches taller which is only a 5-10% increase on someone who is 5ft 6”


Another Example of the Body Acting under stress is Weight Lifters their muscles adapt to the stress put upon them by becoming bigger and stronger


Basketball players, Grow Taller because of the constant reaching towards the basketball net and jumping they do. 


When your body conditions itself to certain stresses it adapts and grows more efficient in some kind of way


People who train Cardio Vascular exercise every day will have more stamina and larger lung capacities than those that don’t for example runners, cyclists, swimmers etc…


FACT: Persistence Pays OFF! So be Persistent with your Height and You Will Grow TALLER! 


We have put together a Simple Step by Step program that will enable you to release Growth Hormone like a basketball player During a Growth Spurt. It is the most Efficient and Effective way of Growing Taller especially if you’re looking to Grow over your entire body


And don’t worry you won't have to wait years and years We have compressed the program so it will get you the maximum results in the fastest amount of time which can be as little as 45 days!


Just imagine being able to look your age, feel better about yourself and finally be valued for who you are. 

Human Growth Hormone



In the Past 13 years I have Extensively researched Training methods which give the Most HGH release and contribute towards the whole body Growing Taller and in Proportion.


The Program I have put Together Combines the Perfect amount of Exercise, sleep and correct diet to Give you a Flawless start to growing Taller


“Being Taller Leads to Great Things…And they All Follow each other like a Domino Effect!” 


For Example… 



1) First You Get Taller… 



2) Then You Get More Attention… 



3) Then you get more Confidence/Self Esteem/inner Happiness 

and Satisfaction… 



4) Then you can get what you want… 


 Dream Girl? 

 Dream Boy? 

 Dream Job? 

 Dream Sport Career? 

 Dream Respect? 


Or Just FREE of the Burden of Being Short? 



FACT:Your Height will Determine who You are and how people perceive you and How You Perceive Yourself… 



As I’m sure you are aware… There are Tremendous Advantages to Growing Taller… 



Sexually Attractive 


It is No secret that Women Desire Men who are of similar height or Taller than themselves. If a Woman has the Choice between a Smart, Funny, Good looking short guy or a Dumb, Boring Ugly Guy I can Guarantee that she will go for the Tall one. Scientific Studies have Proved time and time again that a Taller Man (subconsciously) means Protection, which is very important when women are going through the selection process. Stereo typically men have always been taller than women and a woman wants nothing more than her family and friends to see her with a Tall Man going with someone shorter would make the Girl look bad (and give her bad Press) By Being Sexually Attractive you will have a wider Variety of choice to the Partners you wish to be with and who also people who wish to be with you


Super Confidence! 


Having More People Notice your New Found Height will give you Huge Confidence & Self Esteem. Being above Average height does get you Noticed and Alot more attention. This, in turn will Make you Feel Fantastic and will echo in your attitude. You will appear confident to other people and be confident in yourself


Job Opportunities 


Not only will you have more confidence to actually approach any job that comes your way, but you will also be able to submit applications for Jobs that require certain height standards Like Models for example they are usually required to be at least 6ft for men or 5ft 7’ for women. Most Jobs like Police Officer, Bouncer, Armed Forces Officer and many others don’t have Height restrictions Now…But if it’s a choice between 2 individuals with the same qualifications then they will more than likely go for the Taller Candidate.


Power, Presence & Equality 


Some of the Most Powerful and Respected people in the world today are more than above average in their height are treated equally & noticed by others It is no coincidence that some of the most powerful people are Taller Than Most…They have not needed to worry about their height and thus ploughed their energy into Business/politics/sport/music etc and attained successful careers with it


Better Quality of Life & Opportunities 


Being Tall will Guarantee Happiness You will have achieved something that I’m sure you never thought possible you will feel whole again and be able to tackle any problems that get in your waymost stresses will seem so small that you will be able to break them down easily and go on to achieve bigger and better things your Potential as a person will be unlocked and nothing will stop you on your journey through life ever again you can simply use the step by step techniques and new mind set you will use to Make you Grow Taller on any Problem with a higher perspective on life your positively will open up new doors for you and attract you to new opportunities and ventures.



Ok MatthewI understand that but How is Facebook, McDonald's, Ben & Jerry's, I-phones and Credit Cards are Stopping Me From Being Taller?


Simple…Take a Look at the diagram below




Because of External Stresses and the introduction of Fast Food From the 1950’s the Average Height of an average American has hit a plateauEven Before we had all these Stressesand Bad Nutrition the average height was going up at a rate of half an inch EVERY 20 years… 


I was where You are Now…And Know Exactly How you Feel” 


I Have Been Short Ever since 11th Grade up until I was 29 Years Old. I was a Miserable 5ft 6”(168cm)


For Me Personally There is nothing worse than not being able to be with the Person You wish to be with because of your height I know exactly how this feelsand it brings a tear to my eye when ever I think about the scenario



What Happened?


I remember being in 11th grade at school and it was coming up to the End of the year I was in the high school football Team and was a Joe average I guess I didn’t really realize how important height was until the End of the year the school Prom to be precise


For Years in one of my science classes I Sat Next to One of the Most Gorgeous Girls in the School called Chantell We Spent a lot of hours together During this time


We helped each other with homework in and out of school I got to know her Family and Group of friends and she got to know mine


During our Time together in and out of class we spoke about and Agreed to Go to the Prom as each others Date at the end of 11th grade


“They all Grew a Good 4-6 Inches Taller than Me” 


Me and a few of my mates in the school Team where the same height until about half way through 11th Grade We were all about 5ft 6/7” However a few of my Friends in my Team had started to Grow A Little bit taller than me Gradually though and over the last 6 months of the year they All Grew a Good 4-6 Inches Taller than me...


It didn’t really bother me at the time as I thought the same would happen to me and also I thought Even though my mates are taller then me, I was still the best looking, smartest and funniest in the team


I Was surprised to see some of the unpopular guys who had experienced a growth spurt to be going with some of most beautiful girls in the school But it didn’t bother me as I was going with Chantell the hottest girl in the school


“He had also grown taller during the 6 months before Prom but he was so dumb” 


One of my Good Mates Jordan was struggling for a date when all the Team were talking about it in the locker room he was elsewhere To be Honest he was not the sharpest tool in the box but had a good heart I was unsure to whether he would actually get a date for the Prom if he did it may have to be with one of the Nerds in the school he had also Grown Taller during the 6 months before Prom but he was so dumb that I just knew that he would struggle to get anyone never mind a good looking girl


Anyways it was about 6 weeks away from Prom and everyone was getting really excited Needless to say There was a Huge Buzz throughout the whole year


But for some strange reason… I felt like Chantell was avoiding me… maybe she wanted some distance before the Prom so our night would be extra special I wasn’t sure


I met up with the guys from the Team that same night, Jordan was there too... I was really excited to speak with them as they all knew I was Going to the Prom with Chantell and they all treated me like a king for it


“All the guys seemed a bit secretive and were whispering amongst themselves” 


Anyways we all met after school by the pool table in the cafeteria all the guys seemed a bit secretive and were whispering amongst themselves I was wondering what they where whispering but I just ignored itMy friend Jordan was also there acting a bit strange too like he didn’t want to speak to me or something I wondered if he had found a date for the Prom yet


I asked him”hey Jordan! You got a date for the Prom yet” he looked away and replied “yeah” I was happy for him maybe he had persuaded one of the Nerds to go with him or something… I asked “ who’s the lucky girl then?” he hesitated with his reply and said “Chantell”… the rest of the guys seemed really interested in our conversation and just looked at me and Jordan


“Chantell who” I replied I mean it couldn’t of been my Chantell she was going with me Who was he talking about”Your Chantell” he replied


I laughed and said “is this some kind of joke”he said “ No.. No.. I really didn’t want to be the one to Break it to you but she asked me about a week ago. She said that she was going to tell you but had not yet found the right time” I laughed nervously and said “You’re a Liarwhy on earth would Chantell go with you Jordan for Starters she is going with me anyway and secondly no offence but your not as good looking or as smart as me”. Jordan said “look I’m really sorry manbut it’s true ask her yourselfI knew that you where going with her I told her that I don’t think it’s fair on you but she really really wanted to go with me how could I say NO!... I really needed a Date!... I really want to go to Prom”


Even though Everyone was looking at me for a reaction I still did not fully believe these crazy rumors… I just stormed out of the cafeteria assuming that they where all just playing a massive joke on me or something


“As soon as I Got home, I rang Chantell” 


As soon as I got home, I rang Chantell and quizzed her about these Crazy Stories from Jordan. When I rang I said “you wont believe what’s just happened I was talking with the guys from the Team and Jordan was trying to tell me that you had asked him to the prom…haha… Jordan is just jealous because he can’t get any girl to go to the prom with him I thinkCrazy Hey Chantell!” but Chantell did not laugh she said “ I’m really sorry Matthew… but I have asked Jordan to go to the Prom with me” I replied “haha Are you in on the joke to I bet your are“no Matthew I’m being deadly serious I was plucking up the courage to tell you but I just could not find the right time” I said “why me and you have been planning to go to this together since 10th grade how could you do this too me?”what’s Jordan Got that I haven’t?” 


“I Just want to look good next to a really Tall Guy” 


“Well I only just realized, but during the ball Everyone has pictures taken with there dates and friends and stuff and all my girl mates and myself want to wear high heels so I thought it would look weird if I didn’t go with someone tall you see all my friends are going with your taller football friends and I didn’t want to miss out I mean don’t get me wrong Matthew your gorgeous but you are so very short compared to the rest of the guys now you used to be the fittest in the school and I was glad to go to the ball with you then but I got to think about my future everyone will see these pictures and I just want to look good next to a really tall guy


Needless to say my heart sank…I could not believe the words coming out of Chantells mouth…the tears started to run down my eyes…I said to her” how could you do this to me?”…


The thought of that Phone call still haunts me to this day 


I could not believe it I Spent literally countless hours, days, Weeks, Months even Years with Chantell to Guarantee that I get to go to this End of School prom with her!


Jordan was so Stupid and had no real personality And Yet she chose him over me… Just because He Was Taller she said we would not Look Right Together in the pictures  


I was so angry I was short had no hot date for prom and I had wasted countless hours with the girl of my dreams for her just to fob me off to my dumb friend just because he was tall!... I lost out in every sense!


If I had Realized how important height was


I could of ploughed all that time that I used on Chantell to Grow Taller to be honest I probably could of spent a sixth of the time I spent with Chantell and Grown Taller and she would of even gone the ball with me


There where steps I could of taken to encourage a Second Growth Spurt… but I just left Everything to chance


I guess I Just didn’t realize how important height is to Women… I thought that they would prefer someone who wanted to get to know there personality and who would spend loads of time with them and someone who was funny regardless of there height I guess I was wrong there is a saying that…


“Nice Guys finish last…”


Well, so do Nice, short guys the Truth is that Without even realizing it Women are Shallow and whether they are mentally aware of it or not they will always choose the Taller Male…if there is a choice… 


“I Didn’t Go to Prom” 


As you can guess after Finding out that Chantell didn’t want to go to Prom with me I didn’t even bother trying to find anyone else to go with my confidence and self esteem had sunk to a whole new low that I didn’t even know was possible Even if I did turn up at prom with someone else I knew that EVERYONE would be talking about How Chantell Dumped me last minute because of my height… I was more self conscious of my height than ever… 


I felt like I had my whole world torn apart I was no longer Happy I was no longer confident I was not funny anymore I was more edgy and nervous around girls it was horrible 


The Solution 



A Few months later after I had time to think about what had happened I decided that I would not let this happen to Me EVER again… I was going to come up with a solution not only to help myself but to help others like me... so we did not have to worry about our heights or let it affect relationships with women


I started Researching Methods of Second Growth Spurt Encouragement And to my astonishment I found that Not a lot of research has been done at all in this area... No one had really explored the potential for HGH release a second time around… a lot of height companies had put a lot of emphasis on separating the vertebra in the spine and wearing ankle weights etc


And as I’m sure you will agree Height from a second Growth spurt is far more noticeable & Permanent than that of a over stretched spine… 


So I have spent countless hours Developing this program that Has now been tried and tested hundreds and thousands of times nowand has a 100% success rate… with people all over the world


I, of course carried out this research on myself first and as if by Magic I grew 4 inches taller in my first 45 days of using and another 3 inches after using it for a further year Which I'm sure you will agree is fantastic for a 29 year old! 


“That’s 7 inches Taller!” 



I couldn’t believe it I was So Happy!


I had Accomplished the unthinkable & impossible 


All My Height Problems Solved in 45 Days… 


Not only That but the Success of Growing 4 inches in 45 days Pushed me to Grow a Further 3 Inches to my Dream Height of 6ft 1” 


My Women Troubles are Now Over Well Kind of… I have to Turn Girls Down now as I get A lot more offers then when I was Shorter lol


I was just Amazed I had to Tell people about this


And So you can also share the Secrets and the Success that myself and thousands of others have I Created The

Grow Taller For  Dummies Package”


In the package you will receive



• Fully Illustrated Step by step Bite size guide demonstrating All the Exercises, Meals , Positions, Mindset And Techniques to Growing Taller 

• You Will Get Diet Plans for Not Only Growing Taller but ones that can also aid Weight Loss and Weight Gain 

• You Will See How All You have to Dedicate is 1 hour per Day (5 times Per Week) to Grow Taller

• You will see how Easy and Simple it is to Encourage a Second Growth Spurt 

• You Will Also Receive Full Access to Me Dr Matthew Vern… In case you Have any Specific Needs, Questions or Further Assistance With the Program... 


Now I have explained to you how "Grow Taller For Dummies" works; I have told you about how 6 short weeks changed my life forever. Now I want you to read some of the amazing testimonials and see - for yourself - the kind of life-changing effect 3 - 8 inches can have on your life.

Here is a Select Few Other People Who Have Encouraged Second Growth Spurts Using My Height Program...




"Dr Vern! I can’t Believe it! I have Grown a Massive 3 inches Taller in just Over a Month! I was 5ft 5” a Month ago and Now I’m just a snippet under 5ft 8! But this is Great! I needed to be a couple of inches taller so I had a good chance at getting into the police force…I am now Super confident! And Can Put the Height Dilemma Behind me and Look to a Prosperous Future! Hopefully in the Force! I have included a pic of me under a stadiometer. Still in shock to How Quickly this Info Works...The World Really needs to know this information!" 

Britney Hemmings-Adelaide-Australia



"Hey I just wanted to pop this email over to you to thank you for the Rapid change in height I have experienced from doing your Program! In My first 45 days I Grew 3 Inches Taller and then I gained a Further 2 Inches when I repeated the Program. I have gone from 5ft 6” to 5ft 11”… Absolutely amazing! My Body is My life! I had always Looked good but didn’t have the height to match! I was worried that the program would mess up my training regime I already had but it didn’t. In fact it enhanced it! My Strength has gone up and I feel more Ripped than Ever Before! Your Diet in the Program was so useful and Opened my eyes to the Kind of foods that Helped me release HGH for me to Build Muscle and Grow Taller…thanks again man…"

Nathan Goldberg-London-UK



"OMG…Dr Vern…I am So so Happy! I Went to my Doctors Today and He Measured Me at 5ft 7”! That’s 4 Inches Taller in 2 Months! I didn’t tell him I was doing your Program…But he was Like “ Wow Sammi Looks like you have had another Growth Spurt!’…Felt so Good to Prove him Wrong …cuz 2 months ago he said I was done growing! Now I can avoid wearing really really big heels! Cuz they really used to hurt my feet! And I Even Look tall without wearing Heels at all! Thanks So Much Dr Vern! You Really have Changed My Life! I am Going to Get into Modeling now I am the Height Required!"

Sammi Henderson-Fresno, California-United States



“Dude I have Grown to 6ft! I still can’t Believe it! 6 Inches in just 3 short Months! All my Shorter Friends are Itching to know the Secrets of how I did it! I Kinda Want to keep it secret now though! Lol feels Good To be Tall… No more Jokes about my height and I’m even Going on a Date with this super hot chic from School! Awesome! its has Especially helped me improve my Basketball…I can Dunk Now! My Vertical leap is much higher and my strength on the court is better too! I’m so glad I found your site Dr Vern! Can’t Thank you enough!”

Dan Thai-Manchester-UK



"Hey Matthew! It’s Worked! I’m 3 inches Taller(now 5ft 6”) than I was 1 month ago…your program is Truly magic! I am so pleased…My whole life I have been told that it was impossible to grow taller being of Asian Origin and with a short Genetic Background…But I have Just Proved them Wrong…I mean it takes dedication but for such fast results your program is the only one which lives up to it’s claims! I am so Excited! I can Start to live my Life how I have always wanted too!"

Laura Lok-Atlanta, Georgia-USA


chris "Dr Vern! You are not going to believe this but I brought your program about 3 Months ago. I was a Good 6ft 2” but I wanted to be Taller…I Do a lot of weight training and your Program seemed the obvious choice for me…as I could incorporate your methods into my Workouts…anyways…after 3 months I am now 6ft 6”! can you believe that! I proper stand out now in a crowd and my new found height goes well with the way I look with my New Ford Focus RS…here is a pic of me next to it! Loads of people have complimented me on my height! Feels Awesome to be so Tall! Can’t thank you enough man. I will recommend your program to anyone!"
Chris Morin-Long Beach, Los Angeles-USA 





Other Benefits of Following my Program 


• Greater Physical Fitness

• More Toned and Sculpted body

 Requires no special equipment, no added costs, and can easily be done in the  

   privacy of your own home!

• Improved Sleep, Wellbeing, Functionality, Productivity and Metabolism

• Healthier & Relaxed Mind

• Higher Morale

• Big Sense Of Achievement

• Better ability to take on New Projects and Goal With a Greater Success

• Look & feel younger

• Thicker longer Hair

• Healthier Skin

• Healthier Digestive System

• A More Positive and Successful Outlook on Other Projects, and aspects of your life


Basically You will Grow Taller… Your Mind & Mentality will be Clearer Your Whole Body Will Work and Function Better You will Have Increased Energy… You will Slow down the effects of Ageing You Will Be Able to To put the Past Behind you and Begin to Enjoy Your Life


Don’t let other people Decide how much you Grow Taller… 


Are you Tired of the Endless Jokes and the lack of Respect? It's time for you to leave the humiliation and the embarrassment behind you. 


Other people will hate to see you Taller, Happier and Mentally Stronger they will try to persuade you to not Try anything to help you Grow Taller… they will say such things as...


1)     It doesn’t work

2)     Its just a Scam

3)     Your parents are short so you will be

4)     Your Growth plates close…so you cant Grow

5)     Your too old

and many more…


They don’t want to see you be tall because it means more competition for them if you are taller you will get more attention from girls/boys that they are trying to impress


You will no longer be laughed at so they wont be able to point jokes at you and you will be able to see your “so called friends” for what they really are usually scared bullies the fear of losing their popularity scares them more than anything if your taller then you become a direct threat


I sayProve them Wrong… 


You have lived in their shadow for so long why not indulge in the spotlight for yourself you will be able to put them down easily and you will Grab more attention and respect then any person who was blessed to be Tall in the first place you have been shortand know the feeling and to overcome it will make you Mentally and Physically Stronger than them… 



“How Can I Get My Hands on this Secret Information?” 


I bet you Think that there is Going to be a Huge Catch to this Valuable information


Well this is the Crazy Part 


I have Spent my Entire Life Researching Height and Growing Taller


Spend thousands of pounds on other Programs and spent Days up days of hours in the officemaking calculations taking notes solving equations staying up for silly hours of the night missing going out with friends/family etc.


The Secrets you Are about to LearnAre that Valuablethey are Priceless


But One of my Goals When I grew Taller was to Make Going Taller Available to those in Need and For an Affordable Price


Some of my Friends in the Height Business Charge... $7000-$10,000 for Limb lengthening Surgerywhich is a lot of money for something that doesn’t look anywhere near as Good as A Second Growth Spurt And I Can Tell you now that I wont be charging you that


A lot of Companies in the Height Business will Charge over $400 for a 3 month Course of Height Increase Pills that you have to keep buying it works out about $1600 Per Year For usually Very Little increase And I Wont Even Be charging that Much


What about just the same Price for HALF a Course of Pills at $200…




NOT EVEN a Quarter…


If you want to Encourage a Second Growth Spurt TODAY All I am going to charge you Just




I must be Crazy


The Truth is that I just really want to Help People who have been in the same situation as myself I know what it feels like to be rejected because of my Height So I really want to help you


This Tiny Amount of Money will enable me to Carry on my Research and Further Progress my Program Of course I will keep you informed of any Developments in my research or New discoveries that you can also apply to this program and yourself


I am so Confident that you will Grow Taller with this that



I Will personally 100% Guarantee that you will Grow at least 3-4 Inches Taller in the Next 45 Days Or your Money Back!” 


This Product Has a “Risk FREE”100% Money Back Guarantee


If you don’t Grow Taller in the Next 45 Days then I am Fully Prepared to give a Full 100% Money Back Guarantee…


There is No Risk involved on your behalf you can Purchase this program in the next 3 minutes just on approval in the know that if you Don’t Grow Taller We will Give you a FULL REFUND In fact EVEN if you do Grow Taller but are unsatisfied with the Program for whatever Reason We will still Give You a Full Refund No questions Asked


Not only thatbut as a Thanks for Trying my Program anyway I will let you keep all the materials I send youjust as a gift for at least giving it a go


You really do have nothing to lose


I am that confident in my program that I am willing to take all the risks for you... to ensure you Grow Taller in the most Fast and efficient way


Act NowBefore My Research Evolves and I have to Put the Price up


By Buying Now you Are getting all my Current research plus FREE updates for When I Make more Progress so it makes more sense to Buy Now to avoid spending money later Plus at $46 my Priceless Research that will enable you to Grow Taller is an Absolute STEAL

Click Here to Take advantage of the Grow Taller For Dummies  program for the Highly Reduced rate of just $46…



“Are You Ready to Live Life at Your Perfect Height?” 


Are you ready to Transform your life Forever?


Sick of Letting your Short Stature hold you back… 


Just think in the Next 5 Minutes you will have the means to


Grow Taller and Do all the things that your Shortness is stopping you from doing 


Have Full Confidence & Self-Esteem 


Skyrocket your chances of Love & Have the Chance Be with the Woman/Man of your dreams 


To Never be held back & Easily tackle whatever life throws at you


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Grow Taller for Dummies had has an Amazing Effect on so Many peoples lives including My ownyou Really need to take action Now… Before you Get distracted by something really insignificant… like Facebook, Youtube or your I-phone


What Do you really want in life? To be Tall? Or just to keep updating people on Facebook about how Crap your life is


Just remember material possessions will only make you happy for so long… they distract you from your real goals if you don’t do something today you will never be happy you will just keep putting it off and putting it off


Ask yourself do you want to be distracted and short? Do you want to be used by other people? And be the Brunt of their jokes?


Or, do you want to dedicate yourself to Growing Taller in the next 45 days… then you won't need to please people on Facebook and put effort in with girls or boys because they will start coming to you you will be the leader and you will be respected


Your mind will be much stronger than an average tall person because most tall people take it for granted so think how much you will appreciate the Growth you will experience and how you will be able to focus on other aspects of your life to further improve your quality of living


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I named this system "Grow Taller For Dummies" because literally ANYONE could follow this system and see results.

Everything is written in plain-speak without any confusing technical or scientific terms. Everything is laid out in a simple step-by-step formula that is a breeze to follow, and I even give you a few extras.

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Internet Security Notice. 

When you order you will be taken to a Order form that looks like the screen below. All orders will be made through Clickbank. Which is one the most safest and trustworthy methods on the internet Worldwide…






Privacy Notice…

We respect Your Privacy 

No one will ever know that you have purchased our height ProgramNo Names or Reference to height will be put on your Bank statementYour billing statement will show a charge from CLKBANK*COM 




Quick Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.



How Will I Receive The Package/ Do You Deliver Worldwide?

Grow Taller For Dummies is an Instant Download.  So no matter where you are in the World you will be able to download the package within a Matter of Minutes after payment is made.


How Much Will it Cost in My Currency?

It Depends on Day to Day Exchange rates but Clickbank will Convert the amount for you before you buy and tell you the exact amount they will be taking from your account in your currency.  For Example If you live in India The amount will get converted into Indian Rupees. Here is a Rough conversion of Dollars into Indian Rupees

$46 = 2050.85 INR


Are there any Extra costs to Pay?

Clickbank do Add a Small VAT Charge to the Orders But they Will Show you the amount they have added before you buy. usually about 20% VAT


I don’t Have a Credit Card Can I Pay by Western Union?

Yeah Fine…Just Email info (AT) howtogrowtallerfordummies (DOT) com and ask for the Western Union Instructions



Ready to Join 6ft+ Club? 


Scientific research has Proved Time and Time again that Taller people are More confident, assertive, Happy and Successful…do you want to Join them?


Who Are you going to be?  


The Person who gets pleasure from the same repetitive distractions that only make you happy in the Short Term… 


Or Are you going to Focus On a once in a Lifetime Program that Will Enable you to be Tall in just 45 days? 


It's time for you to stop feeling like you are short and start feeling like you belong! 


You finally have the ability to break free of the Shortman jokes, the embarrassment & heartache of rejection. You finally have the ability to have the presence you desire, to get the respect that you deserve and command the attention of everyone!


Ok Dr Vern I’m ready to ignore those Petty Distractions and Get What I really want in life I want to achieve my GoalI want to be Tall, Popular, Happy and Even Lucky in Love!

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Thanks Again for Reading this Report as I know your time is Valuable


But I hope by reading this that it has filled you with excitement and HopeI would really hate for you to miss outEspecially when you are so Close to Your Dream


So it’s Over to youYou have Taken the First step By just reading this WebsiteAnd we Look forward to helping you towards a Taller More Attractive Future…


Warmest Regards,




Dr Matthew Vern.



P.S. Don’t Forget Grow Taller for Dummies comes with a ROCK SOLID 60 Day Money Back Guarantee You will have nothing to lose, but plenty of Height to Gain If you are not Satisfied with any part of the system at all then just lets us know and you can get all of your money back You can Even keep the materials There is Literally No Risk For you



P.P.S. The time is NowTake control of your Lifeyour HeightYour attitude and Your Happiness  let's quit dreaming and make it a reality! 



P.P.P.S. Remember that the Offer Of $46 is for a limited time onlyAs My Research Expands I will Soon be increasing the Price




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